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Swimming at the Grimes House


We spent the weekend in Mobile visiting with the Morris family.  Savannah went swimming at the home of the Johnny and Kathy Grimes and loved it.  Aunt Peyton, Uncle Quentin, and Nana took her shopping at the Disney store, and as much as she loves Cinderella, it’s a wonder they were able to get her to leave.

Father’s Day with Daddy and Poppy

Mr. Gary came up to visit and help with the lakehouse.  Savannah had fun playing with Poppy and telling him all about Cinderella.  We had a wonderful time and made great progress on some on-going projects.  The picture above is a little blurry because it was so humid that the lens fogged up.  Sorry about that.  Some tile is up in the master bath and all of the painting cutting in has been done in the living room.  Ceilings are also done being painted, which is such a victory for me.  If I never see another bucket of primer or ceiling paint, it will be too soon!

Zoo Week at School

This week was zoo week at school, and Savannah loved her frog hat so much she insisted she wear it home.

Out on the Lake

We spent our first night at the lake house, and it was awesome.  We’ve waited 18 months to be able to do that and can hardly believe how far we’ve come.  We all went for a long boat ride on Sunday and then for a quick swim in the lake.  Savannah loved her swim, and pitched a fit when we made her get back in the boat.  We’ve posted some cute pictures in the photo album.  There is a link to the albums to the right!

Welcome to the New Home of the Deakles!

We are testing out this new forum for that will allow all of our friends to keep up with our crazy lives.  We hope you enjoy the new site!