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Happy Birthday, Landon!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to my wonderful, awesome, amazing, supportive, and now a little older hubby.  Happy 30th Birthday!

Graduation Day!

After two and a half years, I have finally finished graduate school!  Yea!  I now have my masters degree and am loving all the time I have to spend with Landon and Savannah.  I could never have done it without such a supportive, wonderful husband who rarely complained about the endless hours at the library or the late nights with study groups.  We are both really thrilled to finally be finished!

New Adventures

Last month I switched jobs.  While I loved ACIPCO, especially my coworkers, I have moved on to a new, exciting opportunity and am still getting my feet wet.  Above is a picture of my office on my last day at work.  My coworkers really rocked!