2011 Family Reunion

Last weekend we went to Maw Maw Cash’s family reunion in Boaz and got to visit with lots of relatives.  Savannah, who fancies herself the next American Idol, put on a few performances including a medley of Jesus Loves Me and God Bless America.  While in Boaz, I was able to get that elusive 5 generation photo (yes, that’s right, Savannah has a great-great grandmother – actually, she has two).

We will miss you, Paw Paw Deakle.

On Tuesday, April 26th, Landon’s grandfather, Jerry Deakle passed away.  We will miss him greatly.  The write-up on al.com is beautiful, so I have provided the link below.  Please keep Landon and his family in your prayers during this challenging time. 


Bonnie and Brian Do Birmingham

This weekend the Hathaways came to visit us in Birmingham/Sylacauga.  Savannah loved having Uncle Brian “push me so high” in the swing and Aunt Bonnie “jump, jump” on the trampoline.  Landon and I also enjoyed getting to visit with them.  We hope they can come back soon!

Savannah’s First Haircut

Today after work, Landon and I took Savannah to get her first haircut.  She was not nearly as excited about the event as he and I were.  Luckily, my stylist was really patient and managed to give her a darling cut despite Savannah’s efforts to subvert our mission.  As a funny aside, Savannah believes that the sweet blonde-haired lady who cut her hair was Jesus’ mommy.  Afterall, her name was Mary.  I just couldn’t seem to convince her otherwise.

The Healthy Deakles

Well, we’re on our way.  Landon and I started Weight Watchers two weeks ago, and we are learning a lot about how to eat healthier.  As a bonus, each of us is losing weight.  In week 1, we lost a combined total of 9.8 pounds!  We are focusing on eating lots of fruits and veggies, and Savannah is enjoying the fresh foods as well.  Wish us luck on our new endeavor!

Thanks Uncle Brian and Aunt Bonnie

Savannah has been doing really great potty-training, so as a surprise, Savannah’s Uncle Brian and Aunt Bonnie sent her some rewards.  She wanted to put on the Jasmine dress and shoes immediately.  To accompany the outfit, she also started singing, “A Whole New World.”

Fun Weekends with Family

We have had two great weekends.  Two weeks ago, Landon’s family came up to keep Savannah while we went to Grady and Virginia’s wedding.  Unfortunately, Savannah and I were under the weather, so I didn’t make it to the wedding.  They were wonderful to nurse me and Savannah back to health, and we even got to enjoy some delicious birthday cake for Peyton’s 17th birthday!  Last week, we headed to my parent’s hunting camp.  Landon got a nice-sized doe, so we’ll have some delicious eating soon. Savannah had a wonderful time going on walks with Gigi and Papa.